So today sucked for a reason im not going to type but this is why I try to never get my hopes up for anything. ever.

Lol hello depression again. Maybe I’ll lose my weight! That’ll be my thing again.

It’s the not feeling good enough or not feeling like people like me that’s really getting to me.

Next stop, -10 pounds. Please.

this is cute. I can’t let this blog go. Maybe next year I’ll just change it to something for all my high school shows. :) anyway, Oklahoma was gr9.

videos on my account BackstageYouCanHave on youtube! :) check ‘em out.

Well, that couldn’t have been more awkward.

Hey guys, had my first kiss today. :P 

awkward moment when Ms M decided “Comin’ inside ‘th me Curly?” should be “Comin’ inside me, Curly?”

Lol guess who’s trying to kill herself by piling up the gigs? THIS CHICK.

Hello, my name is Laurey Williams.

Name, and do you like it?: Laurey Williams. Well, actually it’s Lauretta Williams, but I don’t like Lauretta, so I changed it. I like Laurey, though.

Age? 20 years old

What was your childhood like? My father left my mother and I when I was four for another woman. He moved with her out to California for the gold rush leaving my mother and I with the farm. A few years later, my Mother passed away from scarlet fever, and Aunt Eller came to live with me. It was rough, everything always changin’, but it all worked out alright.

What is your family like? Aunt Eller is the most respected woman in the town. Everyone loves her, and rightly so. Also, I have three cousins: Aggie, Sam, and Armena. Aggie and Sam are twins, and Armena was adopted from Norway. They’re all great, I spend lots of time with them. Sam helps around the farm when he can, and Aggie and Armena help with the laundry and cookin’ when they come over.

Work? Don’t have a job, I jus’ work round the farm.

Spare Time? I see friends, like Aggie or Ado Annie. I like readin’ lots, Aunt Eller had quite the book collection. Sometimes I pretend I’m not really me, and I’m a character in the books.

What colour best describes you? Probly orange. Depending how you look at it, it’s either soft and gentle, or tart and sour. I dunno, never been good at the whole ‘which color are you’ thing.

What do you do when you’re angry? Holler, hit things, or take it out on Curley, mostly. I’ve got somewhat of a temper compared to the other girls round here.

Hopes + Dreams? Raise a family, take care of Aunt Eller as she gets older and make her happy, and see Oklahoma become a state.

Biggest Fear? Aside from Judd? Well, losing the farm is one of ‘em. It’s the only thing I have left of my Momma. Bein’ in this home, sometimes I can imagine bein’ a family again.

I’m currently working on the characterization questions Ms M asked us to have prepared for our next rehearsal! Will post when completed! I’m answering them all in first person, obviously, so be in character. :)

Rehearsal Video Diary! 1

First Read Through!

Today, at four, our first real rehearsal for Oklahoma! started!

Two thirty from four consisted of trains down the hallway, chicken strips from Hannafords eaten in Ms M’s room, and basically marveling at how pretty our scripts are. (and then Emma dropped mine and ripped off the first and last page! :( oh well xP)

So, we started with an introduction, going over the contract, and vocal warm ups. Then we started at the beginning.

Josh sang “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” like no bodies business. He’s fantastic. I don’t think there is ANYTHING this guy can’t do. He’s phenomenal. I’m going to look so horrible (and short) next to him. 

Anyway, then Julia was like “Wait, Ms M! Shouldn’t we say who we’re playing?” and we all laughed cause Ms M was like “…. well, this is Curly!”

So we introduced ourselves. And then he finished his song (he can’t hit some of the high notes yet, bless ‘em) and began with the dialogue. Can I just show you?:

LAUREY: Sumpin’ wrong inside him, Aunt Eller. I hook my door at night and fasten my winders agin it. Agin it—and the sound of feet a-walkin’ up and down out there under that tree outside my room.

I still don’t know what ‘Agin it’ is supposed to mean. But yeah, basically the dialect is written into the script, so it should be easy to pick up on it. I’m very excited.

"AW FOOT" is basically our shows catchphrase. I love it. :D

after four hours of rehearsals for various things, I have made it home alive! With my new Oklahoma script! :D

after four hours of rehearsals for various things, I have made it home alive! With my new Oklahoma script! :D